The clarity and truth combined

Going worldly

In every possibility, the chance to be enlightened about it and to be it, is the difference in discernment. The discernment is the whole measure, while the object to its aquisition remains even beyond being aquired. The relations of what would have, which objects aquired, in any particular situation is both the means and the measure. The entire difference is made up in distinction. Given a space open in all directions and a will to accomodate it, clarity and truth is a mixture localized to its present time. It is the way for real to stay real.

Gravity is zero in the points of localization relative to it. Every object aspires for a unity with the zero point. It can be emulated in contribution from other forces, where the perception of it brings its appearance to an equal and harmonic standing with all, across its discernable factors. The universe was created as one of these points, in a bang of all other universes. We live in a just measurably small locale of this particular universe. All merely having a metaphysical meaning in relation to each other. Words of mathematical necessities for all the possible to be possibly so.

Clearly spoken. Truly so. It reveals itself in nature. All its ways are all the ways. Relayed across all areas, to be revealed with different sides to various angles for prospect, entirely conveyed in soul. Who dares to live its life as such is alive by its definition. The fabric of space and time burns at the feet of such a person. Its continuum flows by the current of its conscious presence. Burning to the very passion of possessing such fervor – alive. It is destined to fulfill every will and honor every wish. Taken to a place where freedom roams in graceful splendor for the almighty to pick, a friend is given.

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