The metaphysical atom

Brave pioneers wanted

From any point in a theoretical universe, observations made are founded on the outstretch of gaze across a dimensional span. In this particular universe that we have come to agree for us to be living in, the gaze has been stretched out to nearly the equivalent of its currently established age. By the study of the objects found in this distance, along with a general agreement that light takes time to travel, it has been established that the distance to those objects has increased from its points of observation due to an accelerating expansion of the space holding the gaze. The time it takes for light to travel assures that the edge of observations remain at the dimensional span of its universal age. It is the speed of light to contain in and of itself in a part of itself. I maintain that this age is equivalent to all the necessities from every conviction that we may have of it. The horizon is large enough for us to generate variations of the field in dimensional rifts and still maintain a consistency, with belief. It opens up for empirical discrepancies from the mundanely common properties of dull and boring.

To make matters easier, I have worked out a frame of reference to exemplify possibilities with. Its first implication is that the cosmological horizon, which is the limit for how far out space is visible at a linear glance, marks the border for where potential turns into dynamics. What we see when glancing out, according to what I teach here, is a jumble of possibilities condensed by its potential into all the factors of belief. Furher out, these potentials exists merely in its dynamic form as what holds everything together at its scalar distance, in a weak interdimensional force that I have choosen to name Influence. I have estimated that its influence is present to about a factor of pi larger radius than the visible area’s, which is also the radius of its true area of effect around local objects. Beyond the influence resides the strong interdimensional force, which I have choosen to name Power. Once again, it may be with us. The possibilities in this area are more versatile than can ever be proven in any other regard than belief and holds space together in a plausible singularity at every dynamic point. From here on begins the second generation of matter, folding in on its weight just like the first does, at a scale equivalent to a seamless flow between the two. It should be testable in terms of its various participle qualities, measuring up to the factual variations in weight between elementary particles. It opens up for esoteric consistencies with the awesomely common properties of metaphysical and fun.

The whole span in the first generation of matter is the cohesion between electrons, protons and neutrons. The context of something larger than that of every visible speck of anything, fit by the sheer plausibility of its existence, in a single atom of all its relations that would be. Held together in the weak and strong interactions between its elementary consistency, I dub it the Interaction and Integrity of sense. Measured alongside the interdimensional considerations of all that might be, giving off a natural interchangeability between Gravity and Magnetism on its various scales of perception, it is. Spooky action at a distance, natural as it could be. It seems size, might not be all that important after all. It is all in the wiggle of those imaginations. It opens up for ephemeral plausibilities of the fantastically common properties of frequency and energy.

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