The reality

For what is strong enough to hold it all together?

The probability of everything remains the same because it covers all of it. The path across it can vary along any given continuity in it. The continuity is taken with a common denominator to stand for any differences that we may have. It basically is, from one to another, without having any predetermined factor of what either the one or the other is – belief. Belief attracts momentum between the most meaningful points to connect. Meaning is determined by the belief vested in them. They are the connection of ways to fulfill truth. Truth in itself is it. Physics is its math. Math is its metaphysics. Metaphysics is the truth between determination. Determination is establishment. Establishment is force. Force is momentum.

Momentum can be seen in many ways. This is where our differences begin. Having gathered weight along our path across probability, we have choosen to attach it to different possibilities. These folds in around us and coincides to experience where it is due, generally in and around care. Everything is always involved in every moment, as a soul to each part. Soul is all the power of love, vested in one being. It passes through each moment with its gathered weight attached to a resonance with probability. Everything happens at once, with any individual distinction to set the position of love among it. Love has the position of mediating equanimity between everyone. It is set so that the resonance with all comes from within, to settle all disputes in individual sovereignty. Owning it is to own life, to a personal stance among every possibility. It is settled in moments of personal experience relative to all.

With a possibility to connect to anyone in every way, choice sets in. Choice between everyone and to myself is the selection that needs to be honored in order to be fulfilled. With a real equanimity between us, it needs to be fulfilled. For as long as the choice is stood for in the reality of it, it is going to be fulfilled. As many factors as there might be in between it and every stance between now and its fulfillment, it is a force to be reckoned with. Whatever selection is made in soul, is destined to procure along the path of its creator. Every discrepancy on the path to its fulfillment is due to issues with equanimity on someone’s behalf and will be solved in responsibility. Energies divide across reason and is to be found wherever it should be, however subtle. Everyone is bound to take its own responsibility. All sorted out in the scale of eternity. It is just and fair. Keeping it as integrity of personal selection holds it in a good place along the individual path. The good place is the speediest route to reconcile with the equal value of worth in all. Everything happens around it. Containing it holds it to reason.

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