The answer

What we have been looking through to see what we are looking for

I believe that the fourth dimension is the speed of light and that light has an inherent quality that is belief. As a collective body of inhabitants inheriting a commonly conclusive domain, this involves an innate system of organizing all the possible belief by. I suppose that is what we reflect on scientifically. It is the generalization of common sense. In it, there is structure, integrity and agreement. Given it already is what we all are going to agree on in the end, I recon that it is good to trust it as soon as truth seems like a good idea. Since looking through it is the quality of discerning it, it is generally a bit too obvious for the ones set on researching it. A bit like rushing from one point to the other before allowing the whole picture to have precedence. It does after all contain everything. Clear as it gets.

Soul is a spiritual niche that always gets it. In it, every entity has gotten all, as if time and space were merely conduits for experience. The speed of light is then the movement across getting it, between what everyone could agree on. It is submerged with everything, with all its sense and qualifications, in a complete sphere of nonsense. Although it can be sensed in its submersion along with all the logic that keeps it in place, with all its change required to qualify every piece into a whole, it is complete nonsense. It exist because of every bit changing into what gives it a prospectual position in relation to all else, yet its change defeats every one of those prospects in all other measures than conceptual. In reality it means that there is one entity for every possible interaction and that it remains what it always must have been to ever have been so. Practical eternity innate. In essence, such a being of eternal magnitude, is potential. Although it merely can exist, its nature – being potential – renders it an expression that does and one that might, in itself. Two souls in all, burning an eternal flame that is a piece of a conceptual reality, alive in everyone. Twinflames, fulfilling soul in itself as one, given what it always got.

I consider each one, for every occasion, a dimensionality and everything in it. There are more than infinite opportunities for variation, an infinite variation of sizes to infinity and an infinite order of variation to either opportunity. It makes everything alive. Because this fullness is omnipresent, every bit is available to all and as all, in every position. From here on, it matters what we care, what we decide and how we choose to stand in relation to every possibility. I am. It is a factor in what is righteous. In controlling the spiritual niche of individual prosperity, righteousness is what attracts what is right and aligns what is true. This is what we must do as a humanity if we are to ever know what is true. Accepting every factor of righteousness – all of us. Every dimensionality that we pursue, is another still, to navigate the power by which every detail in our lives takes form. The fullness of which beckons, “take me to your leader”.

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