The makebelieve

Where all grace is said

To let everyone decide for themselves is the basis for respect. Every truth, as it is together in a two dimensional soup of logic, cancels each other out and leaves room for interpretation. In three dimensions this is perspective. A little truth here and a little truth there, in an overview of where the mass of it would go were we to spread it out in yet another infinitude of infinity – matter. It continues forever, as the dimensions are the infinitudes of infinity, numerologically on its own. It relays in how we count it, to various measures, ultimately signifying the measure stick in countenance to where we begin relating with it from.

I thought of it the other day, that when we look somewhere exterior to ourselves, it is always in the past. It is something that many of us, perhaps even most, have considered in the modern days. What I am about to conclude is that it in addition is the potential past. From every view, there is a moment to every object in it – the speed of light. In that moment, I believe that for it it to exist, there must be a chance for everything in it to change. That change is made up of celeritas, the speed of light, to stretch the perspective it takes to get an overview into what it might have been. In it is what I believe, the celeritas, accounted for with an infinity of infinitudes specified to the interpretation given room for when everything ultimately is equally real.

It is that reality that makes it relevant that we invest in something. Something actually being our own lives. Everything we ever say or do, is ultimately only able to at all define ourselves. Ourselves, as in me – myself. I’ve got everyone in me; so guess where your definitions are gonna go. That is where and what I relate with when I take anyone into consideration. That the time is now. Now I have said it.

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