The divine

To the end of all stars

We should consider life as eternal. In it we are able to reflect on ourselves and see things in its true context as we are. In the light of that I have to deal with everything at some time, it gives me three existential angles to fulfill every thought that I might have. Society as we think it is. Society as every individual choice is made in the moment. Society as I decide it is. It is consideration. Given that everything already has a place in eternity, it is enlightenment. Truth as it fits in its place, forever. Then what we believe decides where we belong in it.

I can decide for myself, so my belief is how openly I flow with my decision. It is the quantification of success. In it truth, that which has its place forever, can be sorted out to an experience – my life. All the respect that is mine, is the one which I shall be reflected in.

Love has its way to win, even though in mechanics it appears as some things are above it, it always has a way in reason to come through from below. It is in it that we find ourselves. To be in love is to be in order. To be in order is to be good.

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