The energy convention

Generations, orbitals and dimensions

Reality is like the internet, except in reality everything is organized in every way. That is what truth is. Invested in from various directions, it gives a different experience. It is basically the ways anything can be in, the ways it is together and what is made of it – potential, dynamics and force. Counted from infinity and down, the organization is subject to pressure over time, in dimensions. Since there is three of them, potential to hold, dynamics to be and force to behold, each dimensionality holds it in a unique characteristica of infinity to the integrity of its density. Time being the integrity of four, it renders the explanation of either density twelve, in its multiplicity with either aspect to concieve it. It has actual physical properties across the numerics of infinity, blasting across the width of every perspective sphere, that which is the universe itself. It is easy to create universes. The trick is in getting in to them. It takes dedication.

Every one of us has a whole universe within ourselves. The pieces that we dedicate of it to our lives resonates with every other individual across its reason. From it springs the coincidences that is the meaning between everyone. The most fundamental place to begin explaining something like this is in having a planet – say Earth. Here are many individuals, each to their own and all in accordance with each other. The accordance consists in that we have agreed on certain ideals that until resolved has to remain static. Generally, these ideals are that in coming, all knowing was suspended. From facing the world, there would always be an unknown factor, holding every possibility. In learning what these possibilities are we would find each other through every difference from ourselves. Contrasted by the duality between everything innate, being that which in us could reflect with every possibility and the unknown, it is possible to remain in any experience however contradictory to all else. It is the eternal truth in which the unknown becomes the gift of present.

As one individual here defines reality, taking a truth and dedicate it to a certainty, it becomes the intermingle within which creation can be made in its presence. To every entity, that is how we create. Sometimes intentions meet and that is the whole trick in getting in. We are mainly dedicated to doing things together here – having us solve what all these issues in realization between us might be. All the possibilities always remain and from forever, whence it came from, always was the same. It is the same here and it is the same everywhere as it is the sense from whence perception itself even begins to procure. The rest is in us and we are here. While remaining in a world, we figure these things out so that we can live with them, together. Thus is the holy spirit. It is the place toward which any denial of, made who we are. That which we are destined to live forever as.

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