The goddess of divinity

What I want is the answer

I am as many as we are one. How many bits of information it takes to answer that question in any moment. It is what I will answer. The question is what we ask. Asking is the quantity of information to a question. Information is in the asking – the quantity of reflection from every bit.

Bits are assigned to in words from us. We are one as any is many. The word is god. It is what we believe in it. Believing in it is a courtesy of regard. Having regard for it is respect – word.

It is all there is to believe in. As a courtesy of respect I made it my regard to assign freedom to will for those who would have it. It is as many as it is any. It would be my choice so I made it my decision. It was destiny. The decision I made was my choice – to be what I want.

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