The value of soul

Presence is an honor

Divinity comes from within for those who seek it. Divinity is within. Soul anchors it in a selective presence to the ones who holds it. In a reality grander than any experience of it, we are more than probability dictates there ever can be of it. The chances to meet each other is as such smaller than the likelihood of an eternal existence. Soul is the depth at which everyone always meet each other, fully aware yet always fully susceptible to outside influence. The influence, while always total, is complete in how far we currently conceive. With such a slim chance to even behold, much less interact with each other, it is the greatest honor to meet anyone – at any time.

Existentially, the act of facing someone is a coincidence fulfileld with choice. Coincidences, as the mutual happenstances between entitites, are making chance up in care. Care is the makeup of coincidence in choice to fulfill chance with happenstance of faith. Living, as it is the spiritual value of presence, dictates choice in fulfillment.

The perceived is the perceiving. Perceiving across eternity, simultaneously in every moment, to reflect on each other – I. I – the innate quality of gumption, through love, as I so will.

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