The universe

Just like that

Nature, just like anything, can be true in any way. It is, like ecology, a resonance between organisms and its environment. Like environmental science, it holds the answers for what goes on between entities. The difference from the other disciplines is that it does it in itself. We are like that. Everyone on the planet is a natural being. There are things we simply have to go about with in order to be in place. As soon as these things are the respect received from everyone, we are free. Love does it. Usually it is impossible to know, although it is in our nature to move with it – so, we go on with it anyway.

From here, where we encompass all these quirks, there is a quality for anything. Honesty is the foundation for the community of it. It is about everything in everyone.

Imagination, like us, flows to capture the disciplines in the answers we hold. It is resonant in our belief of what are capable of. We just have to decide what it is. Still here at the core of exploration, most of our lives are out there. Solar systems to discover, galaxies to organize and civilizations to integrate. There is so much of it that it leaves us static at an infinitely young position. As a humanity, this is bound to have us go slow. Researching everything, taking baby steps and making sure there always is an agreement. It is going to happen anyway, so let’s get a move on. In here and out there turns out to be the same from where all things matter.

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