The speed of god


A common denominator through this blog is the belief that there is one moment within which everything is encompassed. It is so that the original movement, from a point of absolute stillness, has a quality to encompass either size in comparsion to any relative possibility for what its velocity can be. It is what we are looking at in its various forms unfolded relative to what we are looking at it with. With all this velocity the extremes cancels each other out, rendering a holy void. It is in this void that everything comes of relative value – the playing field of life. The smallest incision to the velocity, already there, is the particular manifest in it. Intent is the direction.

Being true to my own self includes the divine possibilities. Having a soul includes divinity. It is the consistency with that I, completely, am me. I can select from a boundless range of options – the qualities, quirks and quarks – what exactly makes me up. There are narrowly two ways to measure reality. Either from the inside and out, as in beholding a standpoint in it and account for the probabilities around it, or from the outside and in. From an outside account, with the insight to the limitless possibility to how far out that can be, the standpoint in measuring every possibility is open. This is the reality I want everyone to expect to be conducted in, while being completely; I.

I am free. This is the primary message I relay. With my freedom I am responsible to relay reality the way that I am and I always do. In society we are bound to each other in a common responsibility for every way it is conveyed – always me. There is me in team. As a matter of fact it is all I have to give. Even in taking on an assumption or preconceived notion of what anyone else is, it is me. The team of society is assembled from what I decide it to be. Be the standpoint I base it on mine, others or an unshakeable destiny in my conception. Even the light takes time to travel – so in being honest, from beholding, I can only guess what I know. It must come from within.

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