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The giving in

Bring it on

As we respect responsibility to be all in everyone, truth is there to serve us. Anything is possible and thus potential flows through us in regard for truth. Truth regarded is responsibility accepted.

It is quite simple to be responsible. Most of what is out there only goes around in regard to the one who put it out. It is the pocket of opportunity needed for anyone to have a chance to get to the place of freedom. I suppose it is general knowledge as to what sets us free. Living life from what is, rather than living it from what can be proven to be, is a step in the right direction.

Standing for what we believe is right even in the appearance of its impossibility is the right thing to do. Even in the light of a seemingly faulty reality, including however bad it may become, it at least holds one more element to how it is supposed to be. Giving that up, even with a seeming powerless starting position, is the only good reason for reality to fail to deliver. The time is now.