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The knowing of it all

Faith is the investment of care in gumption

Faith in each other is to face us the way we are. In facing us, we trust what it is. In trusting what it is, it is loved. We may only believe it is loved. Loving it is to believe what would be trusted in faith.

Caring for it was initially impossible. It was impossible. For it to have been it would have had to be impossible. It attracted itself across the wast sea of possibility that it was to consist of. In meeting itself, it became what had begotten it. Remaining what it was, that moment is the initial care for all it was attracted to believe.

Choosing it is in each individual as the gumption to know. Knowing it is to invest in it. Investing in it is every individual choice for gumption. Each selection for an individual is enlightenment by eternity. Enlightenment is eternal by the choice to make a selection. That selection is eternal enlightenment by that choice.

The fact

Everything, everywhere

It is all around, in every degree. Every degree is possible, with freedom as it. When we look to a degree, it appears in it. It is all true, simultaneously. To any distinction, it awaits all presence. That presence is freedom, by choice.

By choice, presence is distinction. The freedom to make any choice is the relation we have to each other, as simultaneous as possible can get. Beyond any possibility, the simultaneous fades into truth by any specific measure. That measure is either appearance relative to all else relatable. Either way, it is the appearance we look at. Whatever it seems, all around is here.

To the selection of any option, it appears the measure is true. The reason behind it is that whoever does, so shall it be. Whatever it is, it is done. All that is done is reason, for reason is what we decide. The decisions are ours, clear by every option. Around whatever options those might be, we are the only ones who care.

The restitution


Every exchange is an even trade. Intent connects with intent and the difference is meaning. Meaning is how everything is connected, because with intent it is everything.

The exchanges takes place in the midst of every possibility, as context. Because it does, it evens out to the expanse of unity by our selection. From any point of view in it, that is love. However we love is that resolution.

Love is the resolution of all exchange. The closer we are to it, the better aligned all meaning is to what we care for. It is the reason that I have mentioned belief so much; given the alternative is to govern the holy with worldly means.

The new Jerusalem

Everyone comes along

Looking at each dimension in three simultaneous ways to unite the idea. The idea of a common heart to know it all, by any of its possibility and every regard. Individualized for a choosen world.

The first in distance,
the second in change and
the third in intent.

What we see when we look at each other in this way is an intermingle of space that reaches far beyond any prediction, in the grandest ways possible. It is really there. Innate in the idea.

The real effort

Mastering divinity

Here are a few points to consider for your own divinity – the focal points of joy.

  • Focus all belief into care. It is the quantity of power.
  • All creation is personal. What is made is individual measures.
  • Be benevolent. Benevolence is a pure return of all creation.

Take them to heart and own them as your own. The consideration of them is victory.

The spiritual providence

Benevolence in its reason

Each dimensionality is fulfilled with the propensity for three generations of it to be pertinent to what goes on within us all. The first generation as it is the mundane aspect of any dimension in the observed prospects to it is the goodness of our hearts. For example, the third dimension by it – which is the stability of matter – is our reflection on what matters by the goodness of our hearts. The second generation in it is the awesome aspect of the same as the prospects of observation by the goodness of our minds. The better it is by benevolent standards, the clearer the observation. The clearer an observation, it immersed is distinctive a prominence to space for a second generation. The third generation of it is the fantastic aspect in the prospects as observers satisfies the goodness of our soul.

The moment the goodness of our hearts outwits the goodness of our minds, the goodness of our minds navigates space in creation. The moment the goodness of our minds includes the goodness of our soul, the goodness of our soul rules creation in space. As we implement the various dimensionalities in this scheme, it illuminates their significance by letting our belief dictate what we see of it. The dictation of belief is absolutely what everyone cares for. Realistically, this is the mechanics of goodness – what benevolence is all about. The reason to act on it is to be good. The reason to believe it is to be true. The reason to care for it is to be.

All the significance of this is that we matter. There is the whole of three dimensions to testify to it. Be a scientist beholden to it if that is how it must be discovered in your life. Perhaps a shaman moved by it to find your place? Whichever way is yours to decide. Faith is a factor that holds us all in equal regard. The reward is ultimately equal for us all and all the roads leads to it. Energy, mass, matter, force, change, care, imagination, individuality, possibility, exchange, expertise and honesty. The list goes on and those are the aspects to lead us on to how far it does. In the end it has only shown us that all it is about is us. Because we live, it is true. Because of any truth, it lives. Because it lives, it is all. The meaning of it all is to do whatever we want with it.

The interactive

Soup of eternity

Energies here and energies there – all kinds of energies anywhere. It can all be inconspicously interchanged so long as the balance of its larger scope is accepted. It exists in a quantum state of divinity where all its tones can be played by its bearer at any time. Having a soul is every cause for divinity.

Divinity assembles purpose by its soul. Unity attracts its beckoning love by power of its regard. Regard is the meaning of assembly in all.

By its regard, the larger scope is put in its place. Every expression taking its form toward its balance. Interchanged in divine purpose as our reflection in soul. Spirit taking us to every place under the height it roams.

The missing link

Perception of the three generations

Empirical space is what I see in time when I look to me, by continuity. Esoterical space is what I see as time when I look to me, by continuity. Ephemeral space is what I see of time when I look to me, by continuity.

Empirically a bit lighter than ephemeral in its technical riddance. Esoterically a bit lighter than empirical as its scientific riddance. Ephemerally a bit lighter than esoterical by its philosophical riddance.

Bliss; together by its relief of consciousness between its mundane technical appeal, its awesome scientific goodness and its fantastic philosophical reality. Captured in gumption to spread as a whole, it forms around itself by the shifts in existence, for what is postulated between the three. The three, to complete possibility, as the whole in all that is.

The common sense

Divinity to sense

Unity forms around the sense it is invested in. Care infuses belief about it as the moment. It takes the form of any aspect from love innate.

The world as made out from the first generation to any dimensionality is seen by creation in perception. The world as made out from the second generation to any dimensionality is seen by creation as perception. The world as made out from the third generation to any dimensionality is seen by creation of perception.

Beholding a field for the infusion of care reveals the stability of the elements required for that field to operate. Those elements are the moment of belief within seeing what the care is constituted from. Stability is the belief to constitute the in of the naturally occurring way for our classically apparent universe to operate.

The theory

All in all

The universe is zero. The connection of it in relation to itself is belief. It can be done in as many ways as it takes to add it up to zero.

The multiverse is infinity. Belief is the relations of connection within it. It is made in all the ways there is for all to have one.

The omniverse is eternity. The relations of belief connected is it. It is creation in every way possible that one is zero.

The Christ

Merry Christmas

For all a chance, the soul to settle; eternally so. Begets beginning by the end we all must know. The grace I trust by all that moves – for but wonder. What leads that way is all to see over yonder.

Soul was born of grace to cling that love. That love to swing the very cling so rarely come my way. For once it does, the very way, eternal heart it puts to sway. So seldom does that once, it lasts forever jounce.

When it does by all in store, we burn forever at its core. Love some said, by all over yonder. Who said it first, I wonder? A miracle in all is wed before our eyes to raise the dead.

The unity

Equally distributed across all dimensions

Gumption is the atom. The atom is the probability for anything to connect, anywhere. Anywhere there is a concern, there is an atom.

Gumption forms in waves. Waves are the certainty for anything to occur at all. All is the flow of concern in relevant points, connected across the cosmos in waves.

Gumption assembles in particles. Particles are the specification for anything to enable, possibly. Possibly it was all that, it could have been particles.