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The heart of my soul

Within which the current state of art is laid

It is life in its greatest expanse that is sacred. As it expands it touches itself all in all to its sacred degree. All in all it is all sacred enough in itself to be alive.


To cherish this in every decree of all that we could ever be is to have a soul. This is the law of fulfilling every moment to the rule of divinity.

The restitution


Every exchange is an even trade. Intent connects with intent and the difference is meaning. Meaning is how everything is connected, because with intent it is everything.

The exchanges takes place in the midst of every possibility, as context. Because it does, it evens out to the expanse of unity by our selection. From any point of view in it, that is love. However we love is that resolution.

Love is the resolution of all exchange. The closer we are to it, the better aligned all meaning is to what we care for. It is the reason that I have mentioned belief so much; given the alternative is to govern the holy with worldly means.

The new Jerusalem

Everyone comes along

Looking at each dimension in three simultaneous ways to unite the idea. The idea of a common heart to know it all, by any of its possibility and every regard. Individualized for a choosen world.

The first in distance,
the second in change and
the third in intent.

What we see when we look at each other in this way is an intermingle of space that reaches far beyond any prediction, in the grandest ways possible. It is really there. Innate in the idea.

The dark matter

Resident within us

13,8 billion years in which we conceive the current state of stability to be accomplished. 13,8 billion years of opportunity for the current of precision to that stability.

I believe it all exists now, condensed into two seperate generations of matter. One by the empirical factors of space and the other by its esoterical factors.

Even though there exists at least yet another generation, this suffices to make my statement. The third generation is the containment of every opportunity up until this moment, still remaining.

The interactive

Soup of eternity

Energies here and energies there – all kinds of energies anywhere. It can all be inconspicously interchanged so long as the balance of its larger scope is accepted. It exists in a quantum state of divinity where all its tones can be played by its bearer at any time. Having a soul is every cause for divinity.

Divinity assembles purpose by its soul. Unity attracts its beckoning love by power of its regard. Regard is the meaning of assembly in all.

By its regard, the larger scope is put in its place. Every expression taking its form toward its balance. Interchanged in divine purpose as our reflection in soul. Spirit taking us to every place under the height it roams.

The missing link

Perception of the three generations

Empirical space is what I see in time when I look to me, by continuity. Esoterical space is what I see as time when I look to me, by continuity. Ephemeral space is what I see of time when I look to me, by continuity.

Empirically a bit lighter than ephemeral in its technical riddance. Esoterically a bit lighter than empirical as its scientific riddance. Ephemerally a bit lighter than esoterical by its philosophical riddance.

Bliss; together by its relief of consciousness between its mundane technical appeal, its awesome scientific goodness and its fantastic philosophical reality. Captured in gumption to spread as a whole, it forms around itself by the shifts in existence, for what is postulated between the three. The three, to complete possibility, as the whole in all that is.

The theory

All in all

The universe is zero. The connection of it in relation to itself is belief. It can be done in as many ways as it takes to add it up to zero.

The multiverse is infinity. Belief is the relations of connection within it. It is made in all the ways there is for all to have one.

The omniverse is eternity. The relations of belief connected is it. It is creation in every way possible that one is zero.

The moment we live in

Focusing various states of conscious establishment

I dreamt of an ecstatic communion between the supermassive black hole at its center and the stars of a galaxy. The black hole pushed space into itself, leaving a trail of stars in its wake. The stars at a glance of awe fixated in rotation around the black hole by pulling toward it along its path inward.

The galaxy thrilled by its awe in transition between two dimensional planes. Pulled into itself by its lower dimensional attraction and pushed apart by its higher contextual position. One dimension of plausible glance for the disappearing of space into its full overview.

Dreams of what it could contain. Life by all daring enough to dream of what is inside. Taken before what could be, by the possibilities it was then, as the moment that is now.

The Christ

Merry Christmas

For all a chance, the soul to settle; eternally so. Begets beginning by the end we all must know. The grace I trust by all that moves – for but wonder. What leads that way is all to see over yonder.

Soul was born of grace to cling that love. That love to swing the very cling so rarely come my way. For once it does, the very way, eternal heart it puts to sway. So seldom does that once, it lasts forever jounce.

When it does by all in store, we burn forever at its core. Love some said, by all over yonder. Who said it first, I wonder? A miracle in all is wed before our eyes to raise the dead.

The real deal

We came, we saw, we conquered

I believe that contrary to counterintuition, quantum mechanics is intuitive, we just have to know exactly what to count before we gather that. A popular belief of its counterintuitive nature is derived from the undertaking of adhesion to it bottoming as such before understanding it. Quantum mechanics by any measure of reality is the quality of the most fundamentally cohesive unit to count in order to retain likeness with the quantity of either possible outcome.

First insight borrowed from a future assembly. Then assembling what we remember by rendering victory in doing so. Thereafter remains the moment of the assembly being the rendered state.

The fabric of reality is a complex matter; far more complex than any matter for that matter. Although the outcome was fixed, every part of it was due to a necessary agreement of it at its own pace. It has seemed as if we were ignorant of it for the remainder of this rendation of coming together in agreement of what we saw, only so that we could choose who we were to be forever, amidst all of its potential.

The unity

Equally distributed across all dimensions

Gumption is the atom. The atom is the probability for anything to connect, anywhere. Anywhere there is a concern, there is an atom.

Gumption forms in waves. Waves are the certainty for anything to occur at all. All is the flow of concern in relevant points, connected across the cosmos in waves.

Gumption assembles in particles. Particles are the specification for anything to enable, possibly. Possibly it was all that, it could have been particles.

The true believer

Standing for fortune

The essence of anything by the strenght of heart is blending to the delight of its master. Gumption is the recollection of it across space and time. Perception being its notion by the vastness of belief.

Holding fast the notion. Gathering its recollection. Staying strong in my heart.

At least now I am able. For sure like this the benevolence of holy proportions may come my way. Delivering me on its path to the divine inside.