The conscience of gods

Good grace loved

I have thought about it, a lot. The reasons we have are innate and always changing. It may be who, what, where, when, how, which, why or in any other way we can ever imagine, yet it always reflects us perfectly. To this end we must always move on and let all the reasons be of the past – so that it can be fully owned in the moment. It is to be fully respected in others so that everyone can meet, for real. To be clear, the reasons are within us and present only fully in living. In picking my own, it can be fully aligned with experience. In picking on other’s, mine is jumbled with an assumption of what anyone would be in this moment. It returns to me in humility.

I think what we need, is appreciation so blind that it can only be love. From here it is possible to make any decision and in those, we can see. I recon all else is judgement and destined to bring something in return from beyond intent. To be true in between us, it is the balance bestowed from all reality – honesty. Honesty is the natural essence of what binds us together. From it we can create worlds. Worlds of grander ways than any essence can combine. Right by the ways of our hearts.

My thought is that by the heart of one, we can be many in tune with each other. This is where we are free of the past. For the future. In the present. I will be here.

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