The real deal

We came, we saw, we conquered

I believe that contrary to counterintuition, quantum mechanics is intuitive, we just have to know exactly what to count before we gather that. A popular belief of its counterintuitive nature is derived from the undertaking of adhesion to it bottoming as such before understanding it. Quantum mechanics by any measure of reality is the quality of the most fundamentally cohesive unit to count in order to retain likeness with the quantity of either possible outcome.

First insight borrowed from a future assembly. Then assembling what we remember by rendering victory in doing so. Thereafter remains the moment of the assembly being the rendered state.

The fabric of reality is a complex matter; far more complex than any matter for that matter. Although the outcome was fixed, every part of it was due to a necessary agreement of it at its own pace. It has seemed as if we were ignorant of it for the remainder of this rendation of coming together in agreement of what we saw, only so that we could choose who we were to be forever, amidst all of its potential.

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