The state of metaphors

How we understand each other

We have been pretending that certain objects symbolizes something else in order to learn to appreciate the higher order it represents. Eventually that has to stop and each concept has to stand for an order in itself. By using words and other means to symbolize those concepts, it has been gathered common implications for those meanings. Between all of those meanings, a symmetry by which we are able to understand each other has arisen. Until we truly appreciate a common grasp of it, everything we speak of will in some sense merely seem to be a metaphor for something else – perhaps even inexistent for what it stands. Simply put, we only think we know what we are talking about until we appreciate everyone’s right to talk about anything as a truth, regardless of the state we believe it in. It in turn renders our capability to control our own lives with possibilities be the state of optimism in belief.

Anything is possible, because everyone exists. Everyone is the possibility for anything to happen. It happens all at once through the segregation of units into order. Relative to each position is everything else out there and everyone has the option to be anywhere with it. To honor each other for that right is responsibility. It is clear by it that it is by such responsibility that I myself live my life. By the quality of soul and how it corresponds to experience, this is by all means past all metaphors. It is existence and it is personal.

It is allowed to take any of this differently than I do, just in being responsible about it. This is the offer that I can sincerely stand for. It shall be accepted.

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