The electromotive force

By the magnetic B-field

As the acceleration of entropy conducts into units of belief, the count of magnetic flux density connects across the web of elements by its potential to contextually align with anything. Potential moves at the speed of light to assemble in packages of conviction. The mass of an object is by the speed of light around it connected to all potential in explication of unity. Change in relation to the speed of light is the situation in which unity procures flux density. It is procured in the vicinity of mass as its objective density in characteristica to its state of acceleration between involved parts. The ground state of this energy is an electron per proton and is, as it moves to accomodate unity across the positions of time, gathering neutrons from absent locations. The energy is as such pertaining to the possibility for what might exist in a particular location relative to the unique assemblage of magnetic flux density that belief provides.

Through the area of effect pertained to in the vicinity of space, its expansion connects uniformly by the quality of each atom across all its strands of acceleration. Space, as by the assemblage of atomic numbers in the given areas, conveys the differences of the various substances across the expansion to the relevant entropic state. From this point on, objects are affected according to their physical characteristica. The force takes form according to the parts moving in relation to each other. Drawn from the underlying uniformity, the objects to do so with are formed. It is that uniformity that conveys with esoteric qualities across the properties of form. It does so to the exact context of it. Various substances can be combined to esoteric effects accordingly while mechanical effects must be conveyed through an outside force. Every unit is a unique frequency of the B-field while the belief it consists of makes them static in relation to each other.

Although both qualities essentially are the same, they are it from different angles on distance. One is the greatest distance growing larger to encompass a particular area of expansion. The other is the distance of that encompassing. Ultimately both are taken into the same measurement. By inlcuding the size of the universe as the discrepancy, the cosmological constant problem may for example be solved, when considering units of anything this way. It is dependant on that everything in fact is present everywhere by that all the relative measures from all over stands true in every location. It does so itself in a relative manner and adds up to that everything is present depending on how we take it, as it is ultimately our presence. What is common is that it all always has to be taken together. It is along those paths that we may steer our lives and can do so at any length and scale. Energy is densest at the smallest scale and is therefore versatile beyond measure.

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