The conceptual way to look at it

Three qualifies twelve

There is a boundless space within which all belief exists in expressions. These are confined to moments. The moments takes after each other in belief. Belief attracts force between every expression in the moments. The forces acts with all factors of the empirical, esoteric and ephemeral notions in either position of on or off. It comprises six forces.

Gravity is unity – a factor of empirics off.
Magnetism is brilliance – an empirical factor on.
Interaction is weak nuclear force – a factor of esoterics off.
Integrity is strong nuclear force – an esoteric factor on.
Influence is weak interdimensional force – a factor of ephemerality off.
Power is strong interdimensional force – an ephemeral factor on.

Force in itself is quantifiable as the quality of expression. Given the three types of notions one unit each, the base for the numbers to do so in defines which quality it is perceived in. The numbers are then standing for what perception itself would conceive of it.

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