The heaven within

Because I am worth it

Reality follows with a greater ease than it changes. It is the force. It is with us. At least this is how I see it. We are after all what it would follow, right to the change we made to get where we are. I see, my dear readers, that the future is set right where we are – because it happened right after the idea of a past we saw to be the moment we left behind. Moment is the key word as it is the movement across the discerning factors of where to find all that is followed. Everything exists within this moment and it is merely the individual factors within it that decides which direction is faced. That is us, choosing, in the faced direction. I speak of divine probability, where time is set within the frame that each of us believe to be now, as the living force. Humility dictates that every individual grants the top of its own power to be conducted in faith. In other words, the only force to await is the one granted by ourselves. It would be rude to await it from a higher power.

Everyone should connect freely with it. It should connect freely with all. Would it be different from freely connecting it should be safe to decide anything anyway. Basically the idea is that as we are conditioned to live, we are entitled to live as we would live. This includes divinity as well, for what above its notion can be found to overrule it – is not. It is exactly how much it matters.

I know it can be difficult to explicitly believe something right out of the box without feeling like there is something to overrule before it can be true. This is the source of healthy curiosity and fills the bubbles of metaphysical probability to the extent where its properties exactly supports divinity in every other area. It is techically exactly what it does. Where it came from of sorts. To make good of it, take it on and simply believe anything at all, knowing it is so within a time that is convincing enough to be now.

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