The benevolence

A metaphysical universe

The atom in its metaphysical form, pertains to relations of the abysmal expansion that holds all potential. It may be broken up into points in the expansion that pertains to the metaphysical qualities of potential relations held through the abyss. In its physical form, this pertains to qualities that can be encountered within the present dimensional plane. Still potential, it can be explored in its raw form by looking at the individual parts, all supersymmetrically composing its indivisible whole – the atom. Each quality has a property that as a phenomenon is relayed as described in plain language. Together it portrays the whole as it is pieced together in supersymmetrical co-existence. By the edge of space, lives its archaic subsistence in the dreamscape of all possibility contained within. It always was and is what the contents of a plane is made up of, such as mass, spread in an extra dimension drawn out by the abyss. The universe is eternal like this, in both directions. It is a matter of how we look at it.

The difference between perception in various dimensionalities is its fleeting nature across the possibilities. It is this nature that combines the structure on higher planes. Technically it means that the above level is the time of the below. The value of each increase becomes smaller for each increment until eventually time is submersed under infinity – the light. Every level has its own meaning. Contained in each level is its correlation to others, by its phenomena relayed. Some resonates strongly with light and others only weakly, depending on how interconnected it is across infinity. The weaker the connection, the stronger its resonance is. This quantity is magnetic flux density. It can be used to describe every type of phenomenon. I shall use words to describe a particular one here.

The atom is its probability to be composed between its internal components, in a context that is its locale in the midst of that composition. It is the property of force and matter equating to each other. That is what supersymmetry is. The space in between the coincidence equates to every factor ever possible in any regard at all – inner and outer combined. It all has an intricate effect on each other. The exchange taking place between the inner and the outer is truth in experience and intent. Intent defines the experience around the internal parts and experience is intent defined around the external parts. It is the proportion of expression in creation. In one word, it is mediation. Mediation is the meaning of everything. Everything is the probability for mediation.

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