The constitution

Intent is everything

Each dimensionality is like the metaphor for spiritual coherency in itself. I name its quantity gumption, as it is coherent with its quality for consistent wit in spirit. The structure of every level is the same as the other. The lower planes moves to fit the higher, as such, in accordance with where spirit has placed its lot to be fulfilled. The question to ask in regard to intent fulfilling everything and making it true – is – what in regard to it from a higher plane than where it is expected, am I it? In every regard that the path upward is clear, it is true. Care, Belief, Magic – everything is in there. Furthest up is everyone and is to be respected in such regard. Managing that, is love.

Every dimension in gumption corresponds to a fundamental quality within which all its elements are organized. The higher the dimensionality, the deeper its intrinsic quality for organization is. Matter for example is organized under the chance for its structure to exist, a consistency with itself and its uncertainty between observations – its brilliance. All the creation of brilliance is individual and coincides with everyone in love. It is those coincidences that are the manifestation of each world-view, both in physical and spiritual perspectives. The spiritual perspective of each individual in turn coincides with each other physically.

Synergy builds up to individual relevance in perspective. It corresponds to the brilliance in gumption and relays observation accordingly – the final judgement of each moment. It is static from moment to moment. The charges we carry in between is decidingly holding where we are in its midst. The more we include in love, the freer we are. Freest is the one that holds all power in responsibility. Responsibility is esoteric action. Action that corresponds with a will is gratification. Gratification in responsibility is power in action. Esoteric power is freedom.

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