The heart speaks for the mind

To empathize the sentiment of experience in soul

Various relations has a different conclusion in experience than others. Every aspect can both be experienced as and with, given a boundless spiritual being. These expressions are the brilliance in life, formed to love as to fit the soul in its every conviction. It can learn from all the possibilities, expressing itself in such a way – until it is one with all of it. There remains the formal equanimity between every aspect it could be. Rightly alive with the grace of its whole fullness.

By the peace of this space, speaks a silent voice to beckon each whole, in its own delight. In contemplation of this, is the mind. In various expressions and senses, it is different. It can be taken as a human for example. The common principle with every boundless spiritual being is that the capability to expand beyond any taken form, always remain intact. Each form needs to be mastered in itself for the soul to be free with it.

For what is mastered, the sense of equanimity with all, stabilizes in a zone where all appears to be present to the very point of living. Life becomes tangible and possible in every way, being here and now. Time and space remains a domain of theoretical factors across a holy presence, that I am. Each of us, this way, by the core substance of all existence. While to be or what we are is a subject to change, it still remains. I am.

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