The discipline of belief

Spirit ecology

I believe that presence is the constitution of belief. Thus presence both comes from it and it is generated from presence. All linearity in which this concludes, is belief. Different aspects have different weight and all aspects are possible. It is the attachment to any of these that generates an affinity that makes it seem. The relevance of choice is central in this world-view. A choice to have it this way, triggers the potential to conduct across its constitution. Each singular choice in turn, generates the necessary affinity to connect it across all lives. Having a care institutes the affinity in a region of freedom, where it matters as we please. All this is the formulation that moves within every ecosystem. It defines the dynamics and holds the capacity to describe any entity in every conceivable discipline.

Consciousness is the connection between space and time. It is the residency of continuum in any sense. Every aspect anywhere, is bound together by the woulds and will of soul, living forever over and over again. Impossible and unavoidable it is split into every moment at any time, as all of us, living forever in each and every one of all. Condensed into this very moment, now – the holy spirit of all eternity, forever too, for all of us to live. It truly, is worthy of all praise. Benevolent as we all are it. Merciful as an individual response real to each soul. Faith is the beginning of touching it and where consciousness takes hold.

Space and time connects in the continuity of sense in consciously beholding. It puts itself, with every possibility, in a boundless context within which any aspect grasped by any measure is involved by an account of everyone having agreed to be involved. The resonance between all these aspects is life as we know it. The cosmic horizon is the potential of an electron, likely to be found within the speed of light, to be contained as a frame of reference to the beholder. Spread in all its likelihood, for all the established factors of reality to be found within the openness of all the entities agreeing about what could be true on such a basis, it is the universe. Encircling the dynamics of its stability in its closest vicinty for what could contain it, it is held by the establishment of a proton as versatile as the dark matter that would surround its confinement. From beyond its grasp, where ends any truth in potential for speculation by the stage of a dark energy, might a neutron reside. Having agreed on its conclusion, its nature is to reside in a dynamic position from whence the whole world is formed to a stationary and absolute probability, held to a place consistent with each and every heart.

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