The meta-disciplinary language


Belief is the essential compound of brilliance. It is qualified to contain truth in quanta of esoteric quality. The harmonics of an electron depends on the quality, conceptually consisting of its meaning across its nuclear context. The various meanings coincide with a particular flow for each base to handle the quantities in. The base of twelve coincides with a flow static in between a rigid and a flexible approach and is as such suited for scientific studies. Belief is the context of magnetic flux density across all the potential qualifications to contain happenstance.

The quantity is contained in atoms – the quality across the essential compound of brilliance, settled into either of three generations. Although there are potentially others too, three are responsible for a hundred percent certainty and that is simply enough. All of this information is based on my guesses granted from all the education that these three could have granted me. In the metaphysical model of an atom, the generations has taken form in hadrons and leptons. The potential between every atom is that of the whole universe, localized to a certain outlook on it.

The universal outlook orbits itself in particles, relevant to the particular outcome of belief. Each application of a given dimensionality, concerts with the base within which perception is applied to any given outcome. In it, creation is allowed to be formed in tune with imagination, which also happens to be the contextually seven-dimensional constitution for containment. The three-dimensional constitution for containment is matter. It – matter – is contained between an electron, the speed of light and the cosmic horizon of our perspective on space, each coinciding with the value of one in the first generation. Either is a constituting quark of the common metaphysical overview, fleetingly pertaining to a quirk of brilliance. Every quark has its quirk. All as far out as the resolution of space ever could be. If I was a quark – it would be mine.

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