The eternal moment

Life, the universe and everything

The closer we get to infinity, the more it consists of nonsense. The further away from it we are, the larger a chance for every probability to have a value equal to any other it has. All this is the value of infinity in itself.

The general rule is that we always are closer to infinity than we are far from it. Most of everything, as such, is nonsense. We can organize it to a sense of seeing half of it, in regard to a relatively given direction, wherein the other half would have to remain statically indetermined for all of the other possibilities to be maintained. That is the chance for everything to exist and is generally so far away from anything cohesive that everything within its frame of reference safely can be described as nonsense. It is the deepest constituency of what everything is made of and can be composed in any particular order.

Selectively singled out into any body of space, it occurs as it is decided. That decision is based upon how far or close we are to each other in the time it is singled out. Depending on it, each and every entity is located within its own sensible sphere of experience, relative to agreement. Agreements amass to manifest right as we are among them. Each of us a spiritual body in sovereign esoteric resonanse with soul across its whole assembly. Responded to in kind.

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