The existence

The real case

Magic is systematically excluded from scientific method because it is exactly what it seems to be. Its method is magic and is therefore excluded from science in itself. Magic is the situation.

In every situation this is the case. Birds chirp, fish fly and the wheels of a bike roll. Pause for a moment. Where does it go and from where did it come? Sure, the wheel is round and pressure is applied on the pedals, there is a force involved. Then what? It is obviously the moment and I want to have us ponder here for one. What makes a difference? The situation is what contextually remain in each moment. It puts everything in a context that can have any meaning. It must decide for itself. It is what we are doing here. Living in it.

It is safe to believe. It is the belief that makes the context dynamic. Freedom of will to choose what it is in believing that I speak for myself. Be it as it may, at least that way it is certain that it is true in me. What happens with it is a confluence of everyone, the mystical being it, in itself included. From here, faith really has a way. The saying, “it is what we make of it”, truly shines with its meaning. It is what we make of it so the extra dimensions to make ends meet truly must be a force of our own application. Given that it is the case, we might want to think twice what we make of it.

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