The law of attraction

Universal unity of purpose

To create something, it must be made in a wish. At first, to enter this planet, it was made to succumb to anything. Under its wings we were made to learn, to remember and appreciate what it could have been. Traversing appreciation, it is these wishes that transcends reality, to coincide with joy. Appreciation fulfilled with wishes, is joy. It is the stuff belief is made of. It is the moment within which creation has a ring of truth. The moment it is made in.

There is every right for all of us to create with such ease. It is innate with the divine omnipresence. All the good we do is already in us. Believe and it shall be made manifest.

Thoughts are potential units of choice in selection. Use it as an overview to get a grasp on contrast toward which parts of it is in a positive light. It changes every moment. The change is selections of will. That is what is coming true.

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