The law

Light the way, love the truth and I – the life

We are one and in this dynamic we are many. For each one we are, gives a piece that is numbered in relation to everyone, in how each has chosen to live its life. This is how we are, granting everything in ourselves, to everyone in all. We are all in all – faith. Faith is the fairness in equanimity.

We speak for ourselves. In it is a certain dynamic between everyone; as such is truth. Truth as such is always. We must participate to a standpoint of our own delight – will. Will is the action as delight.

We have equanimity in this. All is equal before it. The life is filled with moment by moment which is always ever only this moment. Having made every decision, taken every stance and given all the opportunities – now. Shall we judge it from the past or plan it from the future or perhaps make it what it is, I wonder.

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