The incredible

 About us

The universe expands at the rate of one infinite stretch per dimensionality. In it, I keep myself together by faith. It is a small stretch in comparison to imagining it. Darkness is the propagation of holding it in across any boundary. Light moves across the time it takes to be boundless in delight. Belief touches it in cognition and forms around its innate hold of perception. Perception is the creation of belief where it looks.

All the chances, ever, weighs up to the potential of the moment. It is in everyone everywhere all the time. This is what makes us many individuals – bound by god across the veil of illusion.

All the boundaries are the potential, in which soul moved to settle in a convinced state – that which is all of us. It is bound together in the strain everyone renders on each other across giving in to settle with the reasons. Even from the beginning we have choosen where to be. Time is the assumption making it seem as if it is beyond our control. Most of all in having decided to find the greatest value in family.

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