The devout

It is in us

As we have it within, there is favor with the flavor of devotion, stretching across a boundless moment in spiritual logic. Triggering every sense in relation to it, of it and within it, it touches life. Becoming us, we are it. Begotten, it is us. Became, I am. From within, I do my bidding as in this moment I would across eternity. It, in relation, to everyone must be me. For every moment it is accepted in, by whom it is so, has every right by all the truth there is – to be divine.

Dedication holds moments of spiritual logic in regard to belief. In believing everything – the constitution of relation between the truth to every possibility, dictates dedication in the hold of spiritual logic, for any reason we can find. Life is what we make of it.

Expanding across its possibility, the miracles of belief fulfilling dedication to the devotion of favor, in odds to the ends it is perception assembled for every entity agreed. The balance of living well, hangs in the moments of acceptence to love – in which everything forever, is now, distinct in all reason. As such it is above.

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