The believing

Belief, belief, belief

Seriously, belief. Belief is a two way street. In one direction goes what we believe is applicable and in the other what we believe from what is applicable. Between that anything is applicable and everything we believe to be applicable there is the mother wit, gumption. In knowing that it is possible for anything to be believed possible by anyone, it is applied in wisdom. Gumption is the same always, while the wit from it is derived at angles encompassing the stance of any beholder. In believing everything, there is a chance to grab that gumption in wit and move across the current beyond stipulation.

Everything has a particulary real quality of dynamics. It touches everything with the intent of it. Intending something means it touches all with its particular quality at the rate by which it is real. Everything is real by the quality of the soul – everyone. The dynamics are present by the dimensionality of expectations incorporated to the personality assigned for experience in soul. It basically is what we have believed, believe and will believe. From it all, the truth of our experience is derived. Every moment of our experience is innate.

Believing others. Believing wishes. Believing care. Everything has its meaning. A very real meaning permeates every sense – truth. It shifts and changes to a reality that moves in accordance with encompassing every truth completely, separated and in itself. In this moment, every rule succumbs to freedom, entangled in respect.

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