The arrow of time

Genuine spiritual attraction

Space is the residence of time – the stillness of motion. Between space and time are the factors of decision about which is what. Every plane of dimensionality has a unique sense of perception within which progression is mechanically possible. Each plane holds every other plane in elements to the perception. These are what makes it possible to make any turn. The various levels of dimensionality basically are available to us in different ways of thinking.

Confidence is key. Between every other entity there is a progression taking place beyond any space. The selection made to accomodate this in my personal selection for where I will go, aligns chance as the one I have just taken, in it. From here, between each selection made, the integrity of the universe applies. This is what we believe it is.

It might be impossible to return to a moment in the past. It is also possible to do so since it is all within us. Both the future and the past are potential down to the slightest degree and this is what progression is made of. It is the reason that it appears to be in a constant blending of the two – because what we will, is now. It only becomes complicated in the intermingle between each other and that is where respect comes in handy.

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