The nature of the moment


Soul is everything passing through everything at every moment in every way. Everything is relative in that there is a particular quantity of belief to any event in order between the passing. Life unfolds in the experience of attraction to care for this belief. While we care for it, we have the power to unfold life by the will vested in experience. The choice to focus on the moment with grace for the power of will to be what we will, is freedom. Freedom is the option to choose truth.

Nested far before there was anything to experience, eternity has its roots. Eternity has the peculiar quirk to have existed forever before anything ever was. Before there was anything, there is still forever. It is the elements of forever that the eyes are laid upon in eternity. The nature is thus that the elements are selectively appearing in accordance with the time that soul has faith in.

The implications for this on earthly life is particulary intriguing. For what we shall agree on that it is, means that there is a system within which it can be respectfully discovered as a society. In doing so, any civilization is bound to an everlasting existence. There are too many options to let go. The implications are so many that the whole quota of infinity is fulfilled and encircled in itself, rendering every aspect real and alive. This is always the way of possibility. It is light.

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