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Between everything there is a gumption connecting it all. It holds everything in relation to any subject in question. In that relation, the answer is found to the propagation of either object sought. The mind is a powerful tool and it is able to trek beyond space and time. It should be used in realizing that there is a sacred dynamic between everything. From there we are able to find all things good. That tingling sensation, reminding us that there is something worth living for to then suddenly disappear into the past of a mind’s eye – that is it. It is the insight into life as it can be, right here, right now. It is only needed for as long as we doubt it, otherwise there is the constant sensation that this is life.

Living up to this dynamic really is love. It is the only responsibility we ever need to take. It is also the one option we ever really have, differing only in how bad it is going to be. It becomes good the moment it is choosen, because it is all that is good. How simple it can be.

There is an uncertainty within all of us that is everyone else and it is supposed to be so. Within accepting it, there is the fact that everyone decided in that very moment what to be. This is the immense uncertainty of letting go of all control in order to let love conquer all. Love shall remain blind, the uncertainty holds the absolute and in that moment we can know – belief. It is god.

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