Each and all

As everything expands outward from the impossible existence of nothing, it gathers in physically proportional hoops of quantities to distinguish the multiverse in minute universal differences, such as stars, galaxies, hubble bubbles and every optionable wonder beyond.


Believe in the world.

Anything is possible and it is up to us to make it so. The universe is re-created in our image with every moment gone by. This is the moment we live in. Love comes first, then the world fills with magic.

Life is full of real magic, waiting for us to uncover it. The magicians are us. Whenever we are collectively ready, the world of magic is ready for us; shaping to the slightest whim of our soul – care.


Consciousness flows in a stream of belief, connecting concepts with each other in relative quantities of experience – as such the world forms around us. The world is such experiences. The more we believe, the grander the scope of our creation is and care gains a more substantial mass. Life can be grand as such for those of us who believes in magic. For the rest of us, perhaps we can catch a glimpse of it if we’re lucky. Whatever we choose for ourselves in our lives, there is a chance for it to come true. Taking that chance is the grandest concept of all.

Make a wish.